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WinSCP 5.9.2

WinSCP Review:

 There are primarily three protocols that allow the transfer of data across the internet. They are SFTP, SCP, and FTP. There are very simple tools that can help you gather all of these under one hood and leverage their usability through simple command line arguments. The latest version WinSCP that is under build is 5.8 but, the major release that is available now is 5.7.2 and 5.7.3 are also under development. It allows you to quickly transfer files, documents, and much other pieces of stuff over the internet faster than other downloading applications. This is because they pass through secure channels so that they cannot be corrupted while transfer, hijacked, preyed by malware or any other sort of intrusion. You will mostly find university websites and research organizations using these formats to share data with other seekers.


 It has upgraded tools than Putty by fixing some of the vulnerabilities of it. It has inbuilt upgraded Puttygen and Pageant, running the current version 0.64. The security certificates and standards have been upgraded to TSL or SSL, whichever is applicable during a file transfer. The latest release was made on 15th April, 2015 and it has brought a host of new features. Reportedly they have upgraded about 300 different things to bring forward the upgraded version to the users.

 Bug Fixes In 5.9.2
 - The occasional time out of SFTP and SCP has been fixed. Sometimes the internal commands generated by WinSCP.NET would get too long and lead to failure of the application. It has been fixed in this release.
 - The .NET assembly would also create problems while downloading and deleting the empty nodes after the task is over. 
 - The WebDAV linking has been fixed which earlier included a reference to itself, too, when referenced to some other directory. This would lead to redundant processes and delay transmission.
 - There occurred failure while closing log window, even during the activity is running. This unnecessarily delayed and interrupted tasks. Often lead to frustration.

 Like A Tool

 Considering this a tool, it has the efficiency and efficacy of a well built application, but because these are volunteered projects they have a lot of potential that others do not. They are written by researchers and used in their community.

 The next time you see a link that asks to follow some steps to download a file through SFTP, SCP or FTP, you must realize that this is a far better procedure as it is faster, safer and secure.

Changes on the new version:
Translations completed: Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, Kabyle and Ukrainian.
Moving main window with Login dialog.
Expanding patterns in default value of extension options.
Paste command in panels context menu.
When upgrading the drag&drop shell extension, silently postpone replacement until the next system restart, unless the new extension is incompatible.
XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.2.0.
Not showing password in full open command syntax suggestion.
Using !P pattern in PuTTY command implies that password should be remembered.
Not importing the Disable Nagle’s algorithm (TCP_NODELAY option) from PuTTY as it has a different default due to its interactive nature.
More detailed error message when fatal error (such as inability to write an XML log file) occurs while .NET assembly is starting winscp.exe.
Skip loading icons from .exe (and similar) files when it takes too long.
Bug fix: Long (or multiline) authentication prompts are truncated.
Bug fix: Failure during WebDAV SSPI authentication.
Bug fix: Directory listing lacks attributes on MVS systems.
Bug fix: It was possible to set site name empty.
Bug fix: Error opening data connection over proxy server when the server supports EPSV command.
Bug fix: Ad-hoc and Last custom commands were always executed for selected files, even when executed from a context menu of a focused file.
Bug fix: Custom command patterns were replaced in values of extension options.
Bug fix: Downloads by drag&drop were randomly defaulted to background queue.
WinSCP screenshotWinSCP screenshotWinSCP screenshotWinSCP screenshot

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